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Floris Burgemeister

Master’s student


Research & Curriculum

Throughout his Bachelor’s degree in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences, Floris obtained knowledge and an interest about the pre-clinical side of pharmaceutical research. During his exchange at the University of Pittsburgh, he developed an interest in immunology while studying at the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences. His interests encompass a wide spectrum of subjects which led to his placement within the Division of Drug Discovery and Safety at the Van Westen group for his Bachelor’s Research Project, where he investigated different molecular configurations of ligands for the VEGFR2 to discover optimal molecular substructures. Currently, he has started his Master’s in Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences at the Division of BioTherapeutics, where Floris will partake in a research internship in vascular research (LUMC) in the group of Dr. M.R. de Vries and Prof. Dr. Quax. He is now working together with his supervisor Kayleigh van Dijk to investigate the role of tissue resident memory T cells in atherosclerosis.